Welcome! I am Hina Dureja Rai and I teach Kindergarten at a Cambridge International School in Phagwara town of Punjab, India. For last three years, I've been connected to Kindergarten but It seems that I have meant to be here in this world only. I have previously choosen teaching as my profession after high-secondary. I taught in St. Garjiya for a year but soon I found my interest in computers which led me to study higher in computers. I graduated from Delhi University with a Bachelor of Commerce.

I was lucky enough to get a nice job in IT sector before I could complete my graduation. After spending my successful seven years in an IT company as a B.D.M., I had to shift to punjab and had to leave the city and so my job.

After a gap of three months, I got a call from a textile company situated at the outskirt of the city. The place was far enough from my home. I left it about a year after at good terms.

I spent three-months at home. As I have been working for long time, it was not easy for me to sit without work. But I also wanted to choose one field that perfect for me. Having thought about a month, I decided that teaching, yes, teaching is what I got good hand after IT.

Soon, I joined a school in the city, Cambridge International. I got a job as Kindergarten Teacher here. Am I crazy? Ofcourse, I asked myself whether I could manage.......I thought it's not my cup of tea....but with the help and guidance of Tarranum Bymra, the co-ordinator, I really found it interesting and challenging as well.

I got crazy working as a teacher and making my teaching methods as effective as possible to my kiddoos so that they learn by playing it as fun and not burden. I was having good hand in art which really helped me. Making classrooms as vibrant and bright as possible became my passion.

I love to explore and apply new methods of teaching as much as possible. Now, I can say with pleasure and pride that Kindergarten is absolutely the right place to tread on with passion in the heart.

Kind regards